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Seller Services – Do You Need An Agent?

If you’re considering selling I can give you the kind of insight and expertise you’ll need to make intelligent decisions. If you’r selling a property you need to know that marketing real estate, regardless of the strength or weakness of the market, requires skill, expertise and marketing clout. By utilizing my extensive skills, knowledge and marketing resources you’ll be assured that you can get the best possible price for your property.

As a home seller in this complicated real estate market, I will help you through the maze of short sales, foreclosures and marketing. As your real estate professional I will do the following:

  1. Prepare a market analysis of your home’s value and market conditions
  2. Recommend the appropriate price range based on market conditions
  3. Explain and prepare all required listing paperwork
  4. Take interior and exterior pictures to place in the multiple listing service
  5. Stage your home for sale and showings
  6. Recommend needed repairs or conditions
  7. Place a key box on your home for showings
  8. Place a professional real estate sign on the property
  9. Enter your property in the multiple listing service
  10. Find qualified buyers through the Internet, open houses, MLS service and networking
  11. Communicate with you during the listing and closing process-I answer my phone
  12. Negotiate all purchase contract for your best interest-I work for you
  13. Oversee the entire closing process
  14. Oversee professional inspections and appraisal
  15. Negotiate requested repair
  16. Review the HUD settlement statement to assure all figures are correct
  17. Accompany you to the closing to sign your final paperwork
  18. Oversee every facet of the selling process is effectively and professionally performed.

Think of your realtor as the only trained professional who has the ability to sell your property quickly and cost-effectively.  REALTORS are the proven professionals!

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